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2 of 7 Deadly Sins of Leading Volunteers















Sin #2: Not Having Fun

Volunteering in the church should be life giving, but too many times, it’s life draining.

Joy, passion and energy become monotonous repetition of tasks. People show up because they are supposed to, not because they want to.

Why can’t volunteering be fun? Why can’t people enjoy coming to church and serving with their fellow teammates? Why can’t people have a good time AND meet needs?

We believe it’s possible. Get creative and make volunteering fun again. Inject some life into the ministry and make sure people know it’s okay to laugh.

Play some games.

Eat some food.

Throw a party.

Give out a silly award.

Celebrate Well Together.

When people have fun doing something, guess what? They will do more of it. If you fight to make your volunteer teams fun, volunteers will be more engaged. All it takes to bring some fun to your volunteer teams is to have fun people involved.

If the leader of the team isn’t fun…recruit a fun person to be the fun coordinator. Make it someone’s job to plan a fun activity for the team – go bowling, play dodgeball in a junior high school gym, run  through a corn maze, or eat BBQ. Get outside of the church building and have fun together. It really will make a difference.

Bonus Tip: Coincide something fun with something that’s happening in the world.

March Madness. Fall Frenzy. A 4th of July Picnic.

(Taken from The Rocket Company)