About Me

Hey, my name is Kevin Beers and I am one of the Community Life Pastors at The Wesleyan Church of Hamburg.

I’m passionate about Connecting People, Developing Leaders and Restoring Hope.

Why do I blog?

– Because I love my church but can’t personally connect to everyone who calls me ‘pastor’.  The people of The Wesleyan Church of Hamburg deserve everything I’ve got. This is one more way to give it.

– Because ministry, life and leadership are better when learning is shared.

– Because I’d rather offer my journey than just give my conclusions.

– Because I need to practice being generous, not just with my money, but with my heart, too.

– Because the Church/Kingdom/World is better when many voices are shaping the conversation it is having.


To find out more about me click and all my social networks, click here – ABOUT KEVIN

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